AFH Residency Program

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ArtistChainReactionThe goal of The AFH Artist Residency Program is to provide a place for artistic creation and community interaction through sustainable and effective programming.  Each artist provides a diverse skill set that assists and improves the many outreach programs that the Andrew Freedman Home has to offer while providing exhibition opportunities, studio workspace, and access to equipment and technical assistance.  In Fall 2016, an open application process began consisting of residency artists, local curators and arts administrators that will reflect the mission of the Residency program for studio space.  As of 2016, the AFH Residency Program consists of 14 private studio spaces, representing an eclectic group of visual artists, multi-discipline designers, musicians and, recently, a radio station.

The AFH Artist Residency Program is a project-based residency dedicated to creating unique and lasting projects that involve direct connection with the local community.  In exchange for NO COST studio space at AFH, each participant will be required to volunteer at approximately 4 to 5 hours a week towards the creation, planning, and implementation of a community-based project.  This will require each artist to be hands-on with the weekly work of activism, even though it may not directly involve the arts.  We will assist Residency artists in establishing projects that address the theme and work with them to create meaningful and sustainable projects.  This might include workshops and discussions led by guest speakers.