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2017 Theme:  Changing Neighborhoods


Emerging visual artists, performing artists, and writers working in all media and genres are eligible to apply.  AFH Residency Program is a good fit for applicants who are:

  • In need of studio space in which to experiment and develop new work.
  • Interested in volunteerism and dedicated to working with the local community surrounding AFH.
  • Seeking to foster a rigorous practice by dedicating time and focus to the creative process.
  • Seeking a community of peers to engage in creative and professional dialogue.
  • Visual artists and writers that work independently or as a collaborative pair (no more than 2).  Eligible collaborative applicants should submit one application and a joint biography and resume that demonstrate a history of collaboration.
  • Performing artists and arts groups (no more than 3 in a group).  Eligible performing arts group applicants should submit one application and an integrated biography and resume that demonstrate a history of collaboration or work as a performing arts group.
  • International artists.  Please note that AFH offers working space only.  If accepted, international participants are responsible for their own visa, travel, living, and housing expenses and arrangements.  AFH can only offer minimal assistance to international residents in securing necessary immigration documents.
  • Preference will be given to artists from the Bronx.


  • Socially engaged projects in which art is a catalyst for social change.
  • Projects that feature artists in leadership roles.
  • Projects that present long lasting and sustainable partnerships with communities.
  • Projects in which artists engage community members directly.
  • Projects in which co-creation with non-artists is part of the process.
  • Projects that respond to the theme of Changing Neighborhoods.


Participants will be asked to meet with AFH Director and Residency Coordinator for monthly or bi-monthly meetings to discuss your project, benchmarks towards meeting your end goal, and to provide as much assistance to each artist’s project as we can.  Monthly reporting will be required.  Participants are expected to utilize the studio actively and consistently as well as take part in public programs like Open Studios.  Currently matriculated students are ineligible to apply.

***Failure to complete volunteering, monthly reporting, project benchmarks, attend two progress meetings, or miss more than one full residency meeting will risk your standing within the residency.


Studio Space:  NO COST access to a private studio, approximately 300 square feet, equipped with basic overhead lighting and ample closet and former bathroom space for storage.  Also provided:

  • Electricity and wireless internet.
  • Heat seasonally during regular business hours.
  • Access to a slop sink.
  • Access is NOT 24/7; participants will need to adhere to AFH building hours.

Dance Floor & Rehearsal Space (for Performing Artists Only):  AFH hosts a Grand Ballroom as well as other smaller, well-lit rooms that can be used for the research and development of movement-based work.  It is also available for large-scale rehearsals and presentations, depending on AFH’s events and building schedule.

Please note:

  • Housing is NOT provided.
  • There are NO medium- or technique-specific facilities such as a wood shop or media lab.
  • Artists must provide their own tools; some restrictions apply.
  • Studios are not open to the public, with the exception of planned Open Studio events.


Applicants are reviewed by a jury comprised of arts professionals, community members, and artists.  The jury reviews all applicants according to the following criteria:

  • Merit of past work, based on submitted Work Images
  • Career record, according to Bio and Resume
  • Proposed projects and ideas, as expressed in the Letter of Intent
  • Talent.  Artist may be asked to submit a recent work or performance piece.

AFH Residency Application is a 2-step process:

1.  Finalists will be selected from the 1st round of initial applications to submit a full proposal.

2.  Finalists will be asked to present their work (again) and full community project proposal to the jury at AFH.


Please compile all of the components below into ONE single PDF and include the PDF link in the Online Application Form.  The final PDF should not exceed 20 MB.  For assistance with merging files into a single PDF, use Google Docs, Acrobat, or

PDF Application File Information (in this order)
1.  Basic Information
2.  Letter of Intent
3.  Work Samples
4.  Curriculum Vitae
5.  References


1.  Basic Information (required) – Name, Address, Email, Website

2.  Letter of Intent (required) – Please Answer these Questions, ONE PAGE MAX.

  • What is your proposed project?  State the goal of the project and how you intend to achieve it.
  • What is your artistic vision/goal for your project?
  • How does your project work within the community?
  • Will the project be realized in the course of a year?
  • Who will you be working with (children, seniors, adults) and how will you be working with them?  Describe your volunteerism history (if any), and outline the relationships you’ve established with members of the Bronx community.

3.  Work Samples (required)

For “Images”

  • Include 5 still images in JPEG (.jpg) format
  • Save 1 image per page, beneath each image include detailed captions.  Captions should include:  title, year, medium, dimensions and a brief description (less than 150 words)

For “Videos”

  • Include a total of 3-5 video samples.
  • Videos must be submitted via Vimeo (a free service). No other video hosting platform will be accepted.
  • If your video is private you MUST include the password.
  • After uploading your video to Vimeo, copy and paste the URL to the Work Samples page of your PDF application.
  • A still image of each video work (optional).
  • Below the URL, include the caption (title, year, medium), and provide password if necessary.

4.  Curriculum Vitae (required) – No more than 2 pages

5.  References – Please provide contact information for 3 professional references.  Indicate your relationship with said person and their respective occupation/discipline.

Online Application Form:  CLICK HERE