Cultural Arts & Media Center

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The aim of the AFC Cultural Arts & Media Center is to establish a stronger presence within the community to address artistic expression and development, as well as provide media education and training in order to boost local employability.  The Center offers technical training in digital film & video production, television and motion graphics, sound and editing.  Teaching literacy and financial literacy are also important components of the Center’s objectives.  Using media-based tools to provide ESL education is another crucial element.  We are also creating viable opportunities for local artists and artists-in-residence by providing studio spaces for them to construct media installations.  The AFC Cultural Arts and Media Center is an exciting venue for film festivals and media-entertainment events, seasonal art shows with both prominent and up and coming artists across a broad spectrum of creative expressions.

In collaboration with BronxNet, All media courses offer students 21st century training in a series of skill sets that allow them to create original media content.  We offer hands-on workshops, master classes with working professionals, cinema studies classes, webinars and fellowships for emerging and international filmmakers.  REGISTER for our field production and editing classes!!!!