Andre Trenier

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Andre TrenierAndre Trenier lives to create. A graduate of LaGuardia High School and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, he has continued to hone his skills working in every material available to him.

In 2004, he co-founded Tangible Thoughts LLC, a creative collective best known for customizing high-end fashion and sneakers. Driven by a competitive nature and a passion for all things artistic, Andre continues to amaze viewers with not only his skill but his attention to detail and pursuit of perfection.

Andre began painting murals in 2003 with a memorial piece for a close friend. He continued to do memorial walls around the Bronx for several years, finally perfecting his spray painting techniques in Europe painting large walls in cities in both France and Spain.

In March 2009 Andre competed in his first Art Battle (live art competition where the crowd chooses the winner).

Between 2009 and 2012 Andre competed in art battles in New York, Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Barcelona and Valencia where he won Special Award for most individual and collaborative wins (In Europe the art battles often paired artist to do impromptu collaborative paintings).

Since 2013 Andre has painted over 12 murals in the Bronx and Manhattan; including a 150 foot wall commissioned by the Bronx Museum. Complex: The Coolest Street Art in New York Right Now by Raka Sen – October 20, 2013.

In November 20, Andre enhanced the neighborhood around the New Yankee Stadium, painting three gates commissioned by the 161st BID depicting baseball greats Roberto Clemente, Satchel Paige and Mickey Mantle.

Andre Trenier is currently an artist in residence at the Andrew Freedman Home in the Bronx. He also paints the gate of the Lower Eastside ice cream Shoppe “Mikey Likes It” monthly to coincide with the release of his flavor of the month.

Facebook: Andre.Trenier
Instagram: Andre_Trenier

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