Jennie West

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Jennie West


Jennie West is a painter and multi­-disciplinary artist, who has been working in New York City for over 20 years. Originally from Independence, Missouri she comes from a strong family background of visual and performing artists.

Her current project is titled Self,i.e.: Group Show (A female alter-verse):
In an alternate existence, the renowned artists are all women. By inhabiting these various characters and machinations, Jennie West brings to life each artist’s oeuvre. The project is extensive and constitutes several different alt-personalities of the art world, from the pop art of Candy Warhol, to the surreal landscapes of S. Dollie and the grotesque portraiture of Francis Bakin’. Each of these female characters display their own style and attitude within their own artistic media. These three women artists are the first examples of many whom Ms. West will create within her alter-verse.


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