Noté Peter George

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Noté, born Peter George is a New York based artist, originally from Monrovia, Liberia. Noté came to the U. S. at the age of ten, growing up in Marietta, Georgia. He later attended Chattahoochee Technical College in Georgia for draftsmanship. Noté moved to New York to model and began teaching himself the techniques of photography and digital design. This pursuit combined with his skills in draftsmanship opened a new realm of artistry eventually leading him to combine his graphic media and painting onto canvas.

Noté’s work exemplifies the power of cross-pollination between artistic mediums and explores the relationship between nature and mind. During his time as an artist-in-residence at The Andrew Freedman Home, he has continued his work, pulling from a vast archive of his photography and character designs built over the years; silkscreening, painting and even projections to question the various human processes of interpreting images of reality into the multifaceted realm of mind. He continues to explore how manifesting these mindscapes onto canvas deepen the connection between the inner world of artist and viewer.


Facebook: HappyAfrica

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