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Xavier Figueroa


Xavier Figueroa is a Bronx visual artist working in installation, painting, sculpture and other various media to create “Experiences.” With a background in architecture, carpentry, graffiti and fine art, he creates work invoking a familiarity to urban environments using his roots and personal memories. The results are three­-dimensional illustrations of his memory for others to explore.

Xavier received a BFA in Sculpture at Lehman College, and has studied in Bronx Community College, Educational Alliance and National Academy of Fine Art. He’s exhibited in Bronx Latin American Biennial, three consecutive Bronx segments of The Armory Show, and The First AIM Biennial while participating in Bronx Museum of the Arts’ AIM program. He’s received a Bronx Council on the Arts’ BRIO Award for installation art and NYC DOT pARTners grant for his first public sculpture. Xavier currently resides and works in the Bronx.


Facebook: XavierMTS
Instagram: XavierMTS

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