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The Andrew Freedman Home
letter to the community regarding It’s The Bronx

Dear Friends and Neighbors of AFH:AFH_LTB

Over the weekend it came to our attention that there are members of our community with serious concerns about the recent announcement that The Andrew Freedman Home would serve as host for “It’s The Bronx”.

Having been approached at the last minute to host the kind of production that would typically take far longer to prepare for, we did not have adequate time to assess the way this festival would or would not align with our mission.

We are a community service organization with deep roots in the South Bronx that extend back to the 1970s. Knowing now that there is significant controversy surrounding “It’s The Bronx” and lacking the time to assess whether or not the criticisms have merit, our only choice at this time is to remove ourselves from affiliation.

The Andrew Freedman Home is an artist-centric institution dedicated to The Bronx and this decision was not an easy one. We regret having to refuse an opportunity for Bronx artists to showcase and celebrate their immense talent.

We address now the community members who called for the removal of this event from The Andrew Freedman Home. Your diligence and investigation into the intentions and practices of organizations coming into The Bronx is vital, and we thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. But every decision has consequences. You reached out to us. We listened. But this conversation cannot end here and it is one that concerns actions and decisions far broader than who seeks event space at AFH.

It is our hope that you will continue to voice your concerns, not only to us, but to all Bronx businesses and institutions. We cannot exclude every outside entity from coming into the Bronx. We all want to protect this community but we must also build, and that requires continued open communication and collaboration. We will be instituting a series of community forums and workshops to help us all learn more about how we can guide the continued development of The Bronx together.

We are here, ready to listen and ready to stand up with you as a unified front to grow The Bronx, for The Bronx.

-The Andrew Freedman Home

If you are interested in renting space for an event,
please contact our event coordinator
Rhonda James at 929-314-3218