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SEA: My Journey
October 4 – November 30
Opening Reception: September 7, 2019 | 6 – 10 pm

SEA: My Journey is an immersive installation that honors the migration of Alice Mizrachi’s ancestors from Spain to Morocco, to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and finally New York, and the ways in which her family’s joys and tribulations have informed her identity and world view.

SEA investigates Mizrachi’s personal journey while also acknowledging the universality of every person’s migrations, whether literal or metaphorical.

With this solo exhibition of sculpture, assemblage, drawing, and collage, Mizrachi combines the immediacy of found materials with her signature representations of femininity to create an environment of history, beauty and mystery.

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Design by: Danny Skinz
Image by: Diana McClur

EVOLUTION: Forging Forward
October 11 – November 30
Opening Reception: October 11, 2019 | 6 – 10 pm

The Andrew Freedman Home presents EVOLUTION: Forging Forward, a group exhibition curated by Alice Mizrachi.

EVOLUTION chronicles the progression of women artists with roots in graffiti, street art and hip hop culture who have flourished.

For many of these women, the journey from dangerous and frowned-upon street art to what is now a high-demand marketplace for artists of their stature has been multi-faceted and hard won.

Check out the Widewalls article:

Empowered by communal and individual pursuits, challenges and transformations, their work reveals an evolution in style and substance, along with a continued reverence for the vibrant subculture from which they come.

Diana McClure, Erotica, HERAKUT, Imagine, INDIE 184, Jane Dickson, Janette Beckman, Jenevieve, Lady K-Fever, Lady Pink NYC, Martha Cooper, Miss Van, Nani Chacon, Pau Quintanajornet, Queen Andrea, Sarah C. Rutherford, Swoon, Vexta.

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